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Tactonom introduced to the public

During Europe’s biggest exhibition for aids for blind and visually impaired people, Inventivio introduced a prototype of its new Tactonom: a large-size tactile graphics display featuring more than 10.500 tactile points.

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The Tactonom allows a blind user to access information such as web pages, tables, images, graphics, maps, Braille text. Apps, games and much more.

We would like to thank all the many visitors for their overwhelming feedback! We received a lot of praise, encouragement and valuable advice. This will carry us through the final phase until launch of the Tactonom!

We are now working hard to bring the Tactonom to the market. The times where a lot of information was not accessible to the blind are drawing to its end. Promised! As soon as we have news for you, you will be the first to read it on this website.

Advantage of graphics displays

Tactile graphics displays have the advantage that it is possible to feel not only texts but but also any kind of spatial information. This includes images, maps and diagrams that cannot be rendered well via screen readers or Braille lines. In addition, the Tactonom can also be used to display tables, graphics, forms, ground plans, apps, games and much more.

More autonomy

The ability to access information in tactile format without needing further help, increases the independence of blind persons. This is reflected in the name:

tactile and autonomy = tactonom

Young category

Tactile graphic displays are currently not used beyond research labs, because they require many moving tactile parts which make them prohibitively expensive.

New technology

The Tactonom is based on a new, patented technology which dramatically reduces the costs per tactile point. In this way, the Tactonom brings better access to information for a large group of blind persons.

Use cases

The Tactonom can be used in a wide variety of ways. The Tactonom simplifies access to information and improves the participation in many areas of life. Therefore the Tactonom improves the autonomy of blind persons.


School books and other learning materials, tables, images and forms, formulas & functions, interactive applications, educational games


Learning applications and games, maps, floor plans


Tables, graphics, screen shots, web sites, mind maps


City and street maps, web sites, images, games, apps, books, journals, newspapers

Open software platform

We provide an open software platform for the Tactonom which enables independent developers to bring their applications onto the tactile display. We will provide a free and open Software Development Kit for developers.

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