The Tactonom

The refreshable tactile graphics display provides more than ten thousand tactile pixels on a DIN-A4 sized area, enabling blind persons to access text in braille format and graphics in many variations.

Pixels: 10,591
Dimensions: 67cm x 47cm x 16cm (LxWxH)

Side view of the Tactonom where the reading area and the camera positioned above the reading area are very clearly visible.

Tactile display

More than 10500 tactile pixels enable blind persons to access braille text and graphics. This includes diagrams, maps, floor plans, spreadsheets, pictures, and many more…


The device can not only be controlled via keyboard but also by pointing with fingers. The embedded camera recognizes the finger position and allows mouse-like interaction with the displayed content.

Many apps

The Tactonom already comes with many applications and open interfaces.
Text and graphics are automatically converted. Spreadsheets and maps are also supported.


Ansicht des Tactonom von vorne.
  • Graphics
  • 10591 pixels
  • Scrolling
  • Audio
  • Zoom
  • Camera
  • Tactile display
  • OCR
  • Text to Braille
  • Finger recognition


The Tactonom comes with support for many different graphics, text, office and other file formats as well as a variety of applications, games and more:

  • Calender
  • Explorer
  • Floor plans
  • Formulas
  • Games
  • Graphics
  • Images
  • JPG
  • Maps
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • Tables
  • TXT
  • XLSX
  • Forms
  • Spreadsheets

Supported by the European Union

The development of the Tactonom was co-financed by the program „Horizon 2020“ of the European Union in project number 828110.

Flagge der europäischen Union mit einem Kreis gelber Sterne auf blauem Hintergrund.