We understand success as teamwork.

At Inventivio, everyone contributes with their individual skills. We are proud of our committed, inspiring and international team.

Klaus-Peter Hars
General Manager

Portrait of Klaus-Peter Hars

„My dream has always been to work with inspiring people to address and advance a meaningful and important issue.
I believe that our technology can make a difference for blind people.“

Dr. Alexander Hars
General Manager

Portrait of Dr. Alexander Hars

„My passion is to explore uncharted territory and to build innovations that have the potential to make a difference in the lives of many.“

The Inventivio Team

Gaspar Ramoa
Software Engineer

Portrait of Gaspar Ramoa

„At Inventivio, I am a fully accomplished engineer. I work daily on exciting challenges, I expand my knowledge in different fields, and most importantly, the technology that I produce has a direct positive impact on the lives of blind people.“

Annette Lienhart
Master Business Administration

Portrait of Annette Lienhart

„I enjoy helping blind people to access the graphic world.“

Alexander Kist
Diploma Engineer (FH)

Portrait of Alexander Kist

„I decided to work for Inventivio in order to develop something sustainable and valuable for my fellow human beings!“

Nancy Sarakinou
Graphic Designer

Portrait of Nancy Sarakinou

„As a graphic designer, I am very excited to discover this new graphic world.“

Thomas Tauschek
IT Specialist

Portrait of Thomas Tauschek

„Since I have witnessed how blind people are taught with graphics and I am very enthusiastic about technology, I would like to help here.“

Sophie Zausinger
Graphic Designer

Portrait of Sophie Zausinger

„It is incredibly exciting to look at how to best communicate knowledge through audio-tactile graphics.“

Hermann Luft
IT Administrator

Portrait of Hermann Luft

„Inventivio enables blind people to have new perspectives in life. That’s why I’m glad to be part of this team as an IT Administrator and to be able to advance this process.“

Lena Schimmel
Software Developer

Portrait of Lena Schimmel

„Technology is supposed to make life easier. At Inventivio I develop software that contributes to exactly that. When working on the Tactonom Reader, a lot of interesting IT tasks come together.“

Nicole Kuchenbecker
Public Relation Manager

Portrait of Nicole Kuchenbecker

„I like being part of the Inventivio team because here you see with your heart instead of your eyes.“