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We believe that blind and visually severely impaired people should be able to access any information without the help of others.

That’s why we are developing the Tactonom.

The Tactonom

The Tactonom will enable blind and visually severely impaired people to access any kind of information.
This is achieved by combining

  • a huge number of tactile points
  • camera-based finger recognition
  • audio explanations
  • comprehensive software


Tactile Points


The integrated finger recognition allows the Tactonom to explain the elements under the fingertips through audio.


The software automatically converts information into tactile and audio information.

Tactonom Icons

Removing barriers

The Tactonom will be able to display graphical information in addition to Braille. This includes tables, web pages, floor plans, graphics, images, environment plans, flow charts, formulas, shapes, icons and much more. Thereby, we will facilitate the access to information for blind and visually severely impaired people.


An important challenge in the development is to keep the Tactonom with its huge amounts of touch points affordable. For that reason, we are developing a completely new actuator technology. With major support from the European Union, we are working hard to finalize the Tactonom. This will keep us busy throughout 2023.

Entwicklung Tactonom Illustration
European flag

Supported by the European Union

The development of the Tactonom is co-funded by the program Horizon 2020 of the European Union under project numbers 828110 and 968187.

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