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Understanding graphics with the sense of touch and without help is hardly possible for the blind and highly visually impaired people.

This applies to all graphic learning materials such as maps, mathematical illustrations, infographics, tables, …

Better educational opportunities
through the Tactonom Reader

The Tactonom Reader enables blind and severely visually impaired people to work independently with graphic information. It explains tactile elements with additional voice information, backgrounds and details.

This enables them to access, understand, learn and work with information without outside help, at their own speed and interactively.

In Germany the Tactonom Reader can now be requested from health insurance companies under the aid number

If you would like us to assist you with this, please contact us at info@inventivio.com.

All benefits at a glance:


icon für den Vorteil "Selbsterklärend"

Audio-explanation of the
content. The finger stays on the


icon für den Vorteil "Inhaltsstark"

Unlimited information
to each aspect of the content
without limitation in space


icon für den Vorteil "Spielerisch"

Accoustic guidance of the finger
and interactive learning

Simply intuitive

icon für den Vorteil "Intuitiv"

Simple, independent operation
by the blind and visually
severely impaired

Hussein sitzt vor dem Tactonom Reader und testet eine Vokabelgrafik mit lustigen Sounds. Er lächelt freudig.

How the
Tactonom Reader works


Put on tactile graphics.


Additional information is loaded.


Context and structure are announced.


Camera detects position of the finger.


Tactile elements are explained in detail.

We cooperate with the non-profit association ProBlind

Audio-tactile learning graphics
use now for free!

ProBlind develops the world's largest database
for free educational graphics.
Discover and join now.

Share Gallery: Overview with many graphics

You can find many more graphics at share.problind.org

Live Demo

We will demonstrate the
Tactonom Reader.

Sign up for one of our upcoming free live demos. 

Annette Lienhart sitzt neben einem Laptop mit Video Live-Meeting.

Fabi helps creating audio-tactile graphics.

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